Bye Bye Mai: Team Ninja plans to remove Mai from DOA 5

Looks like Mai won’t be joining Super Smash Bros Ultimate or the previous DOA game. I actually heard about this news last night from Twitter from user @WarOnFanservice.

I couldn’t find any sources like IGN stating it but if you go onto Steam, PS4 or Xbox One, it will tell you the date.  On September 11, 2019, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round will be removing the SNK character Mai Shiranui in all platforms store. Not only her, but the KOF (King of Fighters) costumes for the characters will be removed as well. If you already bought them, you are safe and they will stay unlocked in your account.

This is only for DOA5LR. Mai is also available in DOA6 along with another character named Kula Diamond as DLC characters and they are not leaving.




Dead or Alive 6 game is delayed until March

Looks like a fighting game is getting delayed but with a good reason.

The upcoming Koei Tecmo fighting game Dead or Alive 6 will not be released on February 15th. Instead, the game will be released on March 1st. The reason why this game is getting delayed is because according to a tweet made by the game producer, the game is near complete in development, but the game is going to need the extra time to polish the gameplay and game mechanics. The game is set to be released on March 1st, 2019 for PC, PS4 and X1.


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Pre E3 2018 news: Dead or Alive 6 confirmed!

Announced before the beginning of E3, Team Ninja officially announced the return of the DOA series and unveiled the next installment called Dead or Alive 6. Based on the pictures and trailer, the game will feature a new engine where sweat and blood is apparent on the characters and the fighting. The game is set to be released in 2019 for Xbox One, PS4 and Steam.

According to the site, the team behind the game is hoping to make the game appear “cool.” What this means is that the team will be working on trying to make the characters feel real like expressing emotions and facial expressions. Also to add on that, it is more likely that the exaggeration on the female characters’ appeal will be toned down since fans of the game complained. In other words, the game characters will most likely be more serious in fighting.