Limited Time Only! – Stream these anime movies on FunimationNow on June 10th!

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Do you like movies? Do you like the anime titles or anime licensed movies from Funimation? I got some good news for you! It’s been announced by Funimation on Twitter and Anime News Network that there paid subscribers will be able to watch and stream four specific anime movies. Paid subscribers will be able stream these movies on June 10th; however, these movies will be limited time only. You have 60 days to enjoy these movies on your FunimationNow account. Here are the four movies:

  • Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
  • Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F
  • Your Name.
  • Shin Godzilla

These movies will be in English Sub and Dub.




Funimation acquires UK company Manga Entertainment Limited

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Good news for UK fans, anime fans will be able to get many more anime for their library. The North America company Funimation announced today that they bought and acquired the company Manga Entertainment Limited. You can read more in the link in the tweet, but this means that Funimation will be adding more anime for regional fans in the UK and Ireland. Fans who love anime series like Naruto, Ghost in the Shell, Sword Art Online and Fullmetal Alchemist will be able to own the anime in home videos and stream them in FunimationNow.

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Dragon Ball Super Broly movie review (Spoiler-Free)

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Rightstuf synopsis:

Knowing that there are increasingly powerful forces in the universe that he has yet to encounter, Goku spends all of his time training to achieve even greater strength. But, one fateful day a mysterious new Saiyan appears before Goku and Vegeta: Broly. How can a Saiyan—a member of the proud warrior race that was completely annihilated after the destruction of Planet Vegeta—appear here on Earth? With Frieza’s return from hell, a fierce battle awaits the three mighty Saiyans who have followed completely different destinies.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is an anime film directed by Tatsuya Nagamine and written by Akira Toriyama.

*No Spoilers!

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Funimation sued for patent infringement?

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source: One Angry Gamer

Looks like Vic Migogna is not the only one suing workers of Funimation, but apparently, Funimation might be in trouble with the FunimationNow service. According to One Angry Gamer website, Kojicast LLC is suing Funimation for infringement in regards to FunimationNow, the streaming service. I am not going to go over what’s already said but you can look it up on the website and watch the video. Apparently, what is going on here is Kojicast LLC has filed a suit against Funimation on April 24th, 2019. Here is what the suit is described:

In the suit it alleges that Funimation used the ‘683 Patent in their FunimationNow streaming technology that allows users to stream Funimation content from their mobile device and then pick up and resume that content on additional devices, such as home computers or smart TVs.

According to One Angry Gamer, Funimation is in trouble for allowing users to use the FunimationNow app to watch a show and then resume watching it on another device.

One Angry Gamer:

It’s only 22 seconds long, and the relevant part is at the 16 second mark, where it advertises episode progress syncing across devices, so you can play or watch the content across multiple devices.

You can read more at the wesbite about this. If this is happening, Funimation is getting sued twice this year. One is for the Vic Migonga case for having coworkers Monica Rial, her boyfriend Ron Toye and Jamie Marchi for deflamation and false accusations. Second is this from Kojicast LLC and FunimationNow.

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Feeling green? Funimation confirms the green tint controversy in the Broly movie

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Dragon Ball Super Broly is one of the most successful Dragon Ball movies ever no doubt about that. The movie made over millions of dollars and it gained positive feedback from the fans. Funimation released the movie in April for a DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital combo pack for anyone wanting to own the movie in their hands. However, many fans noticed something really different when watching the movie in Blu-Ray disc. Fans/viewers noticed that the movie had a “green tint” in the animation. This is just for the Blu-Ray version by the way.

Thanks to ANN, Funimation responded to this controversy:

Funimation‘s home entertainment release of “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” utilized the same master as the U.S. & Canadian movie release. It is identical to what audiences watched in North American theaters earlier this year.

According to Funimation, the way fans are seeing this is exactly how it is in the movie theaters. Even so, many fans have complained about this. I have this movie in both Blu-Ray and DVD. From my experience, the DVD version has better quality in picture than Blu-Ray. I haven’t tried the digital yet.

Did you noticed the green tint in your copy or did you luck out?

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Funimation sued! Vic Migogna sues the company for defamation

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WARNING: The following news will be unbiased! I will not voice my opinion in this news. If you are going to comment about your opinion towards Vic Migogna or Funimation or anything related, be careful of any potential commentators. Let’s be civil. Once again, I am just sharing you the news and I will not voice my opinion.

Things are reaching the climax for this Vic Migogna controversy or more like the endgames for #IStandWithVic and #KickVic people. It’s been reported that voice actor Vic Migogna has filed a million dollar claim towards the anime company Funimation and he is suing the co-workers and voice actors Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi, and Ronald Toy. He is suing them for defamation, interference in existing contracts and prospective business relations, and civil conspiracy.

To make a long story short about the Vic Migogna controversy, Polygon mentioned that this news occurred this year near the end of January right around when Funimation released Dragon Ball Super Broly the movie. Vic was the voice for the returning character Broly. In Twitter, many people created the #KickVic hashtag and stated that Vic was harassing his fans with unwanted kisses and hugs; some went as far as saying he violated his own workers. However, the other side known as #IStandWithVic states that Vic is innocent and these allegations are false because they lack proof. Regardless, these accusations has caused Rooster Teeth to fire Vic and removed him from the series RWBY and Funimation did the same and took him off The Morose Mononokean 2 and removed him from future projects. Funimation also removed bonus features in the DVD release of Dragon Ball Super Broly where Vic got an interview. Anime conventions also removed hum however, he did get reinstated in Kamehamecon this month.  Here is what I found from Polygon:

In the lawsuit, Mignogna claims that Rial, Marchi, and Toye directly interfered in his business affairs and that all the statements they made against him are false. “The repeated attention that Monica, Jamie, and even Funimation’s agents, employees or business partners, gave [Twitter user] hanleia’s and Marzgurl’s accusations caused their Tweets to ‘go viral,’” the lawsuit suggests. In the descriptions of the situation, Mignogna’s claim suggests that the defendants have continued “carpet-bombing” him on Twitter, through continued discussion of the allegations.

It’s been mentioned that Vic has hired a lawyer named Ty Beard of Beard Harris Bullock Hughes and he is hoping for “monetary relief over $1,000,000.00 in addition to other relief to which Mignogna “may be justly or equitably entitled.” Variety has posted up the documents for the court.





Attack on Titan Season 3, Part 2 simulcast date! Toonami date details!

Great news Attack on Titan fans, we finally got news on when can we watch Attack on Titan season 3, part 2. It was announced by Funimation that fans can watch this anime at the same time as Japan on April 28th, 1:35 P.M. EST.

There is an English Dub to this anime as well, but fans will have to wait until May 26th until fans can watch the anime in English. However, if you are like me who watches Toonami every Saturday, you can watch Attack on Titan Season 3, Part 2 in English on May, 25th.

Attack on Titan Season 3, Part 2:

Simulcast: 4/28th

Simuldub for Funimation users: 5/26th

Simuldub for Toonami users: 5/25th

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Anime Voice Actress Maeghan Albach passed away

Well, I bring you anime fans some bad news today. I found this news from Anime News Network. According to Anime News Network, voice actress Maeghan Albach recently passed away on January 22nd, 2019. This news was posted up today, Feb 25th. According to the site and IMDb, she has been involved with many anime in Funimation such as One Piece, Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and movies like Evangelion 1.0 and Summer Wars. She is a Texan resident and she has worked with Funimation for 13 years. She was 44 when she passed.

According to IMDb, she voiced additional characters in One Piece and Fairy Tail, but with no specific character. In anime with a specific characters she was in Date a Live as Shiizaki and she was in Sekirei: Pure Engagement as Toyotama. If you want to know what other anime she was in, go check out her IMDb page. May God give her rest and comfort.

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Voice Actor Vic Migogna plans to recommit to God

Here is a brief update to the news of Vic Migogna news. Just a heads up, this is all unbiased and objective. I will not voice my opinion. This is what I am hearing from Anime News Network.

With the recent controversy and accusations of voice actor Vic Migogna, Vic Migogna wrote out an updated statement yesterday in regards to these accusations. After being forced to leave Funimation and having voice actress Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi accusing him for harassment, here is what he has to say (it is also on his twitter):

Mentioned in his statement, Vic is planning to recommitting his life to God and he is hoping to seek counselor for his behavior.

Again, I am just sharing you this update about him to you readers. This is all objective.

Vic Mignogna no longer involved with Funimation

If you are aware about the Vic Migogna controversy and the tweets #IStandWithVic or #KickVic, I bring some news from Funimation.

In a tweet sent by Funimation, Funimation announced that the team will no longer be involved with the voice actor for future projects. This means that Vic won’t be lending his voice for anime from Funimation and any current anime that has him in it, will also be recasted. It’s been announced that the anime Morose Mononokean season 2 will replace his character.

If you don’t know the controversy, it happened around after the movie release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. News have spread that the voice actor has been giving unwanted hugs and kisses to his fans and the fans believed it was harassment. These allegations happened in 2008 however! Unfortunately, because this news is showing up, Rooster Teeth fired the voice actor from the series Rooster Teeth as he played as a character named Qrow.