Rurouni Kenshin will join Funimation service

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Another Aniplex anime classic is going to be joining Funimation. If Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Butler and Angel Beats is not enough for you during this quarantine month, maybe this swordsman anime will keep you entertained. Announced today, Nobuhiro Watsuki’s series Rurouni Kenshin will be joining Funimation on March 24th. This will include 94 episodes subbed and dubbed all thanks to Aniplex. Will you be watching this anime?

Funimation reveals English Dub trailer for My Hero Academia second movie

MHA Hero

If you are a movie lover and you want to take a break from the Oscar movies, Sonic the Hedgehog and Birds of Prey, I have a movie that please you as a superhero fan or a My Hero Academia fan.

Funimation has just released a trailer for the second anime movie of My Hero Academia titled My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. According to the trailer, Heroes Rising will be released in theaters for English Dub and Sub on February 26th.

Here is the plot of the movie:

Class 1-A visits Nabu Island where they finally get to do some real hero work. The place is so peaceful that it’s more like a vacation … until they’re attacked by a villain with an unfathomable Quirk! His power is eerily familiar, and it looks like Shigaraki had a hand in the plan. But with All Might retired and citizens’ lives on the line, there’s no time for questions. Deku and his friends are the next generation of heroes, and they’re the island’s only hope.

If you plan to see it, buy your tickets now!




False Advertisement? Funimation sells censored “uncensored” anime Tsugumomo

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If you think Funimation dropping Interspecies Reviewers was an insane move in the anime community, how do you feel about them selling an anime that is supposed to be uncensored but it is actually censored. This news was something I forgot to write about but now that I got the time to write it, I am here to share with you about this recent news.

When it comes to fanservice anime or anime that shows off skin, Funimation is well-known for being uncut and uncensored for certain titles like High School DxD. However, this anime title Tsugumomo didn’t get the same fair treatment. Fans who bought the Blu-ray was in for a surprise when they thought they were getting an uncensored anime according to box cover.

from 2018 Blu-ray set

For Second Time, Funimation Promises “Uncut” Release of Tsugumomo, Delivers Censored Version Instead

from Tsugumomo – The Complete Series – Essentials

a Twitter user shared some clips revealing scenes that were supposed to be uncensored was still censored. Another user in Imgur shared pictures of this anime being uncensored and how it intended to be,

Funimation would later release a statement in regards to this censored news:

Funimation‘s normal process is to utilize uncensored materials when available to produce a home video release. If uncensored materials are not available, we utilize the TV broadcast version. This was the case with the “Tsugumomo The Complete Series” BD/DVD Combo which utilizes a combination of uncensored and TV broadcast materials based on what was available from the licensor during home video production.

In short, if you recently bought the 2020 Essential Blu-ray set and you expected this anime to be faithful as the original Japanese copy, you will be disappointed and you just basically bought the exact same Blu-ray version from 2018. So far, Funimation hasn’t sold an official copy of the anime with uncensored, untouched scenes.


One Angry Gamer

Bounding Into Comics

Anime News Network

AnimeLab saves Interspecies Reviewers

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Remember the ecchi anime series Interspecies Reviewers that Funimation used to stream? If you didn’t know, Funimation originally promised fans that they would stream the heavy ecchi anime Interspecies Reviewers. However, after three episodes of being released at their website, Funimation would later drop this anime due to the content being “not in the standards”. Which is pretty ironic because Funimation has streamed and release anime that is heavily ecchi such as Prison School, High School DxD and The Testament of Sister New Devil. This news would anger most fans.

However, I found some good and bad news regarding Interspecies Reviewers. If Funimation can’t provide this anime, surely AnimeLab will do what Funimation can’t do. In a tweet, the Australian/New Zealand anime streaming service AnimeLab announced that they would stream Interspecies Reviewers on their platforms. This is good news for fans in the Australian region fans. If you have AnimeLab, you will be able to watch this anime. However, for the bad news, this is only for fans who lives in Australia and New Zealand. Unless if you are willing to move over there or use a VPN, you will miss out. So far, Funimation hasn’t made any announcements on bringing this anime back to their service. In addition, there hasn’t been any company that are willing to pick this title.


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Funimation will stream Aniplex anime Blue Exorcist and Durarara!!

Great news, anime fans! If you have Funimation and you are enjoying Aniplex titles like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Black Butler, you might want these titles in the watch list. Joining Funimation on Feb 11th, we have the anime series Durarara!! and Blue Exorcist. Both these anime will include English Dub and Sub.

Blue Exorcist:

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Assiah, the realm of humans, and Gehenna, the realm of demons. Normally, these two dimensions would never intersect, but having possessed all material substances, the demons are now intruding on the material world.

But among the human race, there are those who can exorcise such demons – the Exorcists.


See the source image

Ikebukuro, Tokyo takes center stage in this story where various young people have gathered with different expectations. A high school student, an underground doctor, a stalker, a “headless” rider, and others will both cause and get caught up in trouble.

This is a story with a tangle of super-extraordinary characters; one where no one can predict what will happen next!

Don’t forget, Funimation has other Aniplex anime such as the following:

  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Black Butler (Seasons 1+2 with OVA)
  • Angel Beats
  • Valvrave the Liberator
  • Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
  • Magi:: The Kingdom of Magic
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Silver Spoon
  • Granblue Fantasy: The Animation season 1

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Violet Evergarden’s spin-off movie screen time dates

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Good news Violet fans! In my old post, I mentioned that Funimation will be premiering the Kyoto Animation movie Violet Evergarden I – Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll – in theaters along with the second My Hero Academia movie. Yesterday, Funimation has given us details when will the movie will be premiering. If you want to watch this movie, this Violet Evergarden movie will be in theaters from February 17th to 20th. According to the Funimation site, the movie will be 93 minutes long and it will be in English Subbed only.



Too hot for Funimation? Funimation drops anime Interspecies Reviewers

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In case you missed it this weekend, anime fans are not happy at Funimation due to their recent actions towards a certain ecchi anime. This ecchi anime is called Interspecies Reviewers and it was an anime that was originally streamed by Funimation, but unfortunately for fans, Funimation dropped this anime after three episodes. According to sources, the reason Funimation has decided to stop streaming Interspecies Reviewers because series was “outside of standards”. According to news site from J-list, the anime does have content involving sexual themes and acts that include the characters reviewing intercourse with monster girls in brothels. So far there is no confirmation for a company to stream this anime. The reason why this news has been the buzz is because Funimation has shown mature anime before such as High School DxD, Prison School and Valkyrie Drive Mermaid and they contained sexual and nudity themes. Fans are outraged.

Someone took a screenshot of this and posted at Reddit:

Manga synopsis according to YenPress:

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder! From elves to succubi to cyclopes and more, the Interspecies Reviewers rate the red-light delights of all manner of monster girls…the only thing is, they can never agree on which species is the hottest!

Until we get any information on this anime, fans will not be able to watch this anime at Funimation.




Rumor: Did Chris Sabat harass Kara Edwards?

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Disclaimer warning: This is just a rumor I recently heard about voice actors Chris Sabat and Kara Edwards. Just like my post about Stephanie Nadolny, we don’t know if there is any truth or false in this rumor. However, we should take everything in a grain of sand and pay attention to the signs. Once again, there is no confirmation on this rumor but make sure you listen and observe.

Chris Sabat: English voice of Dragon Ball character such as Vegeta, Piccolo Yamcha and even other anime like Zoro from One Piece and All Might from My Hero Academia.

Kara Edwards: English voice of Videl and Goten from Dragon Ball

Chuck Huber: English voice of Emperor Pilaf and Android 17 in Dragon Ball

Stephanie Nadolny: Former English voice of Kid Goku, Kid and Teen Gohan

Vic Mignogna: Former English voice of Broly and Dragon Ball Z Kai version of Burter.

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Vic Mignogna calls out against allegations and liars in emotional livestream

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It has been a whole year since the controversy in regards to Vic Mignogna with Funimation and Rooster Teeth. Last year, what could been a good year for anime fans with the success of Dragon Ball Super Broly and the anticipation to RWBY volume 7, voice actor Vic Mignogna was fired from both these companies due to being accused of harassing his fans. According the allegations, Vic harassed his fans by hugging and kissing without consent and to make matters worse, his friends from Funimation has turned against him and state he is a creep. Because of this controversy, there has been a split with fans in the community; the ones that believes in Vic’s innocence is part of the IStandWithVic group and the one group that believes he’s not innocent is KickVic. In my past posts, I mentioned before that this controversy had shed some light in regards to Funimation’s skeleton closet such as Chuck Huber’s affidavit revealing some dark rumors about Vic’s so called “friends” and a possibility that Chris Sabat could be the cause of Stephanie Nadolny’s voice career. In case you didn’t know, Vic tried to take this allegation to court and go against Funimation as well deal with his accusers such as Monica Ria and Jamie Marchi, but unfortunately, it failed on his part and he lost the case. In recent trial news, Vic later appealed the case and he got the seal of approval and it is too late to dismiss it.

Despite the news, Vic Mignogna has been busy trying to participate in cons and trying to stay positive online and through livestreams for his fans. However, in livestream from January 23rd, he decides to speak up and defend himself. In the livestream he calls out people who has accused him and telling his fans that his “friends” from Funimation has lied to him. In a emotional statement, he tells his fans to not engage the haters and don’t get involved if it means risking themselves for suffering.

During the livestream, he points out the people that have wronged him and they were the ones that wanted to hurt Vic. He mentions Sean Schemmel, Chris Sabat, Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi, Kara Edwards and DC Douglas. Interesting enough, he specifically detailed the voice actors and their interaction with him.

Sean Schemmel (the voice of Goku, King Kai and Nail in Dragon Ball) *always didn’t like Vic*

Vic mentioned that during the premiere of the Dragon Ball Super movie, Sean stated that he should not share his faith and Sean has been open about hating him. Sean is an exception to being a fake friend because he has shown he does not like Vic.

Jamie Marchi (voice of Rias Gremory in High School DxD and Uzume from Sekirei) *fake friend*

Vic mentions about Jamie and tells everyone that Vic had no attraction to her and he always considered her as a friend. In the past, Vic thought she was a good friend based on fun experiences such as going to conventions together and how they always have fun time teasing and goofing off. The playing and teasing in which was described was Vic playing with Jamie (in her story, Vic pulled her hair and harassed her) However, Vic points out that one week before the controversy started, while Vic was still working at Funimation, Jamie appeared friendly and even asked how was his Christmas. Here is what she said:

Jamie: “Hi Hun! How was your Christmas?” *in a happy tone. this was one week before the controversy in 2019.

Monica Rial (voice of Bulma in Dragon Ball Super and Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Academia) *fake friend*

Vic considered Monica a dear friend. During the investigation of the controversy, Vic considered asking Monica for help and try to find out what to do during this troubling time. He thought of her as a close friend and even before the new year, Vic enjoyed the fun time with her during the Broly movie premiere. Before she wrote her story about the allegations, Vic wrote out a private message to her. In this message, he asked her what did he do to make her feel this way and he apologized for any misunderstanding. Vic went through the trouble to ask Monica what did he do to cause all this and Monica DID NOT respond back. It was revealed later Monica instead used the apology messages against Vic when he was in court.

Kara Edwards (voice of Goten and Videl from Dragon Ball) *fake friend*

According to Kara affidavit, Vic assaulted her and this made feel traumatized at work. However! Vic points out during the livestream that if Kara was traumatized, why did she get upset when she couldn’t sit next to him while signing autographs? Also, if she was still hurt from Vic, why did she wanted to go out and eat with Vic at A-Kon. Why did she try to audition in Star Trek Continues (Vic is also an actor in Star Trek Continues)? These are the three questions Vic brings up in regards to Kara. If Kara was traumatized about Vic, she wouldn’t want to be near him. Was she actually lying or was she just making sure to keep things in appearance for the fans?

Vic’s friend are disgusted in regards to these fake friends

In the later half of the video, Vic tells us that he still has some friends that are working in Funimation and without giving out names, his friends are disgusted to these known fake friends. His friends have witness there actions and behavior and they saw the fake friendship and saw the actions in which was the beginning of the controversy.


Usually, I would say what is your opinion on this video and how do you feel about Vic and the other voice actors. Instead, I won’t force you to comment since I don’t want to bring in any heated debate. I don’t care if you are a ISWV or a KV, let’s not bring any heated dispute. With an exception with Sean, these are the voice actors who pretended to be friends with Vic.


Sean Schemmel targets Vic’s faith – Bounding Into Comics

Vic appeal

Funimation news: Violet Evergarden spin-off movie and MHA Heroes movie

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Get ready for not one but two anime movies in 2020. It’s not Dragon Ball Super Broly again like last year but this time it’s about My Hero Academia and Violet Evergarden. Announced today in Twitter, Funimation announced that they will be premiering the second movie of My Hero Academia in theaters. The movie My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising will be in English Dubbed and Subbed on February 26th.

Even though this movie won’t be in English Dubbed, you can still enjoy this beautiful anime in subtitles. At Ohayocon 2020, Funimation announced that they will be premiering the anime spin-off Violet Evergarden I: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll. This is a side story version not the upcoming movie Kyoto Animation announced. This movie will be in subtitles only and it will be premiering in early 2020.

Violet Evergarden 1 key art

Which one are you looking forward too?


My Hero Academia

Violet Evergarden