Fans angry about Funimation’s translation towards anime YU-NO

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Funimation is one of North America’s greatest English Dub licensing companies. They are the ones who helped dubbed great anime like Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia and One Piece. They are pretty big for doing their best to get anime get anime popular all over the world. However, it seems like Funimation also knows hot to tick fans off. Besides the Vic Migogna controversy that is still going on and the whole inappropriate behavior in work field , it appears that they are in trouble once again for changing some dialogue in another anime. In recent news, it is announced that Funimation has gained the English Dub license to the anime YU-NO: A Girl Chants Love at the Bounding of this World. This anime stars protagonist Takuya Arima as strange and unexplained phenomena lead him to travel between parallel worlds in a search for his father, who had supposedly died years ago. It is based on 1996 visual novel and now in 2019, this anime is getting an English Dub thanks to Funimation.

You would think that this is good news for both visual novel and dub fans, but what happens when instead of translating the each dialogue to match up to the original, you instead add something based on your socialopinion or statement. According to news sites Bounding Into Comics and One Angry Gamer, Funimation decides to change the translation by adding a feminist dialogue. This occurs in the first episode where the protagonist Takuya Arima is having a conversation with his friend Mio Shimazu. Here is what is said in the original subtitled version:

Yuki: Wait, boss. You sure know a lot about Shimazu-san. Don’t tell me…

Arima: No way in hell do I want to date that ice queen.

Yuki: Yeah, that’s right! But you know, Shizamu-san’s nice to everybody else, but she’s really mean to you. Ah! Shimazu-san!

Arima: Hey. Milday.

Shimazu: Stop calling me that, please.

Arima: Then how about “Mio-chan, the school idol!”

Shimazu: Why do you make me so mad?

Arima: Not sure. That time of the month?

Shimazu: How crude!

Here is the English Dub version created by Funimation:

Yuki: Wait a minute…why do you know so much about Shimazu? Fess up!

Arima: Calm down. I’d never date that ice queen.

Yuki: That’s good to hear. It is kinda weird though, because she’s nice to everybody. It’s only you who really seems to set her off. Ah! Shimazu!

Arima: Hey. So, what’s up sweet cheeks?

Shimazu: Don’t call me that. You know I hate it.

Arima: Sorry, do you prefer “Queen of the World”?

Shimazu: I’ll never understand how you can get under my skin so easily.

Arima: Good question. Maybe it’s just that time of the month?

Shimazu: Ah! You’re such a misogynist!

It may not be a big issue to some people but some hardcore anime fans may find this offensive because it shows that Funimation would rather meddle with original dialogue and add their own contemporary politics. I like English Dub anime myself but I prefer anime companies focusing on trying to match the original Japanese Dub dialogue. I don’t like it when something original gets changed for the sake of fulfilling one’s goals or message. This isn’t the first time Funimation changed an original dialogue for their own political message. Besides this anime, they tampered in anime such as Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon, Prison School, Interview With Monster Girls and My First Girlfriend is a Gal.

  • Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon: dialogue referencing Lucoa’s appearance in a hoodie in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid was altered to chastise “pesky patriarchal societal demands
  • Prison School: the dub of Prison School was changed by voice actor Tyson Rinehart to directly accuse a character of being a “GamerGate creepshow.
  • Interview With Monster Girls: bullies negatively accusing a character of being a “social justice warrior” for standing up to them.
  • My First Girlfriend is a Gal: featured embarrassing references to speeches made by President Trump and ‘strawman’ rhetoric which equates those who enjoy anime fan service to “jailbait” loving “freaks who hate women.”

Besides this news, are you interesting in watching YU-NO?

One Angry Gamer

Bounding Into Comics


ICYMI: Judge dismisses Vic Migogna trial. Vic tells fans to stay positive.

What started in late January and after the success of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, it looks like the battle is over, but the war is not over.

If you are not aware of the Vic Migogna debacle, there was controversy of the voice actor of getting accused of harassing his fans and coworkers. These voice actors who accused him was his coworkers from Funimation such as Monica Rial and her fiancee Ron Toye and her friend Jamie Marchi. Despite not having any credible evidence, Vic got fired from Funimation and he lost his role in the series RWBY. In results, Vic later sued them for defamation. This whole storm has divided the anime community and even revealed dark secrets within Funimation such as Chris Sabat and his “casting couch” auditions in which it is still a rumor. Chuck Huber even released a affidavit stating dark secrets about his coworkers and even how they treated Vic. There are also speculations that Chris Sabat even had a hand to firing former Funimation voice actor Stephanie Nadolny. Besides all this, the court is finally over and the results may be good and bad.

According to news site Bounding Into Comics, the judge assigned to this trial, Judge Chupp, dismissed Vic Migogna’s case. Monica Rial, Ron Toye and even Jamie Marchi are excused from this case and they won. Here is what Judge Chupp stated:

“The Court FINDS that Defendants have shown by a preponderance of the evidence that all causes of action against all Defendants asserted by Plaintiff Mignogna are based on, relate to, or are in response to the Defendant’s right to free speech, the right to petition, or the right to association under the TCPA.

Additionally, the Court FINDS that Defendants have shown by a preponderance of the evidence that the communications related to Plaintiffs causes of action relate to a public concern, and the communications involve allegations of conduct by Plaintiff that relate to health and safety, environmental, economic or community well-being.”

Despite Vic Mignogna losing he did wanted his fans to stay positive and help encourage others. Despite getting fired from Funimation, he was able to go anime conventions and even participate in a Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament. In a interview with Kasanova Podcast, he  mentions he is grateful and blessed.

“I am blessed. I am blessed beyond what I deserve. I’ve always felt such gratitude to do what I do. As I’ve told people many times in many interviews and panels over the years, I didn’t set out to become a voice actor. I didn’t expect that, I didn’t go knockin’ on production doors and sending out demos – you know, beatin’ the pavement. An opportunity arose and I took it, having no idea where it would lead, and here we are. And daily I have to pinch myself mentally to remind myself that even when things are rough, even when things may be tough or bad, or unfortunate, there is so much to be grateful for.”

He also makes a comment about the cancel culture and how there people who seek negative attention:

“There’s a lot of negativity in the world. Don’t let it suck you in. It’s easy. It’s quick. It’s cheap. You may get a quick rush but it does nothing but hurt. And I want to encourage everyone to be voices for good. To sow positivity and encouragement into people.

“There are so many people out there, so desperate just to be acknowledged. Just to feel like they matter to someone. And that desire to mean something is so strong that it literally drives some people to be negative, or to talk garbage, or to do negative things just to get attention. […]

“[…] Everyone single person, wherever they are, you can do enormous things to encourage and make people’s lives better all around you. So be that person. That would be my greatest wish and encouragement to the fans out there.

“And thank you. Thank you so much for your encouragement to me over the years. I’ve never imagined that things would happen that would happen over the years for me, and I’m extremely grateful, most of all for you, your support, and your encouragement over the years. So thank you.”


Bounding Into Comics

Court dismisses Vic’s case

Vic encourages fans

One Angry Gamer

Funimation obtains rights to YuYu Hakusho OVA

If you are not in the New York Comic Con this year, have no fear because I am here to report what’s going on. From the anime company Funimation itself, they got the rights for a certain classic anime title. It’s been announced that Funimation was able to get the rights for the English Subbed and Dubbed for the OVA YuYu Hakusho. This includes “Two Shots” and “All or Nothing”. It’s unknown when are they coming, but if you love YuYu Hakusho, you might want to keep your eyes out for the OVA.

During a panel, English voice actor Justin Cook made a comment about the OVA and his opinion on coming back to Yusuke.

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Sony announces merging anime streaming services in Funimation for global streaming

Looks like Funimation is planning to spread anime all over the world thanks to Sony. Sony announced they are creating a new joint venture where they will be combining anime from Funimation with streaming services such as Madman Anime Group and Aniplex’s Wakanim. Madman Anime Group belongs to Australia and Wakanim is from France and they are owned by Aniplex. In under one roof, Funimation is hoping to spread out to further regions of the world and stream anime beyond the US. According to Funimation, they will also be showing some exclusive anime such as the new upcoming anime Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia as part of this unison deal on Oct 5th. This anime will be streamed on FunimationNow, Wakanim and Madman Anime Group’s Anime Lab. Also, according to Funimation general manager Colin Decker, Funimation will now operate in 49 countries spanning 10 languages and will have about 300 employees worldwide. So if you want to watch anime but you don’t live in the U.S., this is deal will solve this problem. Everyone should have access to watching anime.






Rumor claim: VA Chris Sabat accused of harassment? VA Stephanie Nadolny fired because of Sabat?

Better late than never. Forgive me for the late post. Just a precaution, this is just a rumor and claim that MIGHT be true. It may be false, but consider the following. Before you jump into conclusions, look at some of the information.

With this Vic Migogna controversy going on for about 9 months, this one act of accusation has caused a great division on the anime fans and even the voice actors. We have IStandWithVic fans who believe Vic Migogna is innocent and believe he was falsely accused for sexual harassment. KickVic fans believe that Vic is guilty and he has caused pain on his fans and friends. Currently, Vic is in trial against his former friends and coworkers voice actors Monica Rial, her fiancee and Jamie Marchi for accusing him for harassment.

I previously shared that Vic’s friend Chuck Huber released his official affidavit in regards to Funimation and the voice actors such as Sean Schemmel, Chris Sabat, Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi. In his affidavit, he mentioned that these four have negative opinions about Vic and even made fun of him behind his back.

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Streaming news: FunimationNow adds My Hero Academia S4 and Fate/Zero!

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Hey anime fans, it’s me Matthew and I am here to give you some anime news for your pleasure! If you have the subscription service FunimationNow, get ready to either start binge watching or get caught up in the anime seasons. It’s been announced that the Aniplex anime Fate/Zero is added to FunimationNow. Fate/Zero is a anime prequel to the hit series Fate/Stay Night. Also coming to FunimationNow is the upcoming 4th season of My Hero Academia. Both these anime will be subbed and dubbed. Fate/Zero is already in FunimationNow, but My Hero Academia season 4 is coming out on Oct 12th.

Jiren hates Dragons? Talking about Dragon Ball Super episode 127 *Spoilers Discussion*

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If Jiren was in Pokemon trainer, he would probably not have any dragon type Pokemon in his party or if he was in Yu-Gi-Oh!, he would be the one to destroy all of Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes White Dragons. If you don’t know what I am talking about, it’s about the recent English Dub episode of Dragon Ball Super on Toonami on Sept 7th. In episode 127 of Dragon Ball Super. Jiren is the last remaining fighter from Universe 11 and he takes on Universe 7 warriors (Goku. Vegeta, 17 and Frieza). Jiren easily dispatches everyone on his own and the god of destruction Belmond tells everyone the reason why Jiren is strong. He tells everyone that Jiren, as a child, lost his parents from an unknown powerful enemy. He was spared and he was raised by a martial artist who taught him and his students to fight. Unfortunately, the same enemy kills half of the students and even his master. Jiren tries to convince the survivors to work together and fight this enemy, but they all leave him. Back in the present, Jiren makes a comment about having the benefits of strength.

Depending on which language you prefer, Jiren’s response is different. In the original Japanese, Jiren states that having strength is important and having incredible strength will forgive everything including the past. However, in the English Dub provided by Funimation, Jiren gives a weird “DIO” speech about strength. He tells Android 17 about having strength and his opinion on the dragon from Super Dragon Balls. He comments that he doesn’t trust anyone including the dragon and all dragons. He thinks his strength will even go beyond time itself

The reason why I am writing about this is because I been seeing people these past couple of days making of Jiren and commenting on the awkward English Dub. In my opinion, as much as I prefer watching Dragon Ball in English, I did think it was kind of awkward. I felt like I was watching JoJo Bizarre Adventures: Stardust Crusaders. The voice of Jiren is Patrick Seitz, the same guy who voices Dio from JoJo and Franky from One Piece. Hearing this dialogue made me see Jiren as Dio instead.

What do you guys think about this dialogue? Time to include this text to your Dragon Ball Super memes folder.

Check out this video if you want to see more about this:

My Hero Academia S4 recent trailer reveals theme song

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Hello anime fans! Here we are in September and summer is reaching the last few pages of the hot season. I hope everyone is doing okay. As we are approaching the fall season, get ready for some new anime! The action pack superhero anime series My Hero Academia is coming back with a fourth season in October 12th. Funimation has just revealed a the recent trailer revealing the next season of My Hero Academia. This trailer also shows the anime’s new song called “Solaris” from BLUE ENCOUNT. Are you ready to go beyond this fall?


Funimation Blog

Funimation exposed: Chuck Huber’s affidavit reveals dark secrets about Funimation Staff

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Affidavit: a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for use as evidence in court.

An affidavit is basically a written proof that that is used for evidence in court and it is sword by oath. These evidences are not tampered and it must be true.

It’s been crazy with Funimation. Besides the recent links of the voice actors recording inappropriate jokes with the characters, let’s not forget the whole Vic Migogna situation with Voice actor Vic and Funimation. If you don’t know, this drama occurred in the last week of January after the blockbuster success of Dragon Ball Super Broly movie. Accusations started to pop up stating that Broly voice actor Vic Migogna has sexually assaulted his coworkers and fans. Some people stated that he harassed them by kissing, hugging and aggressively pulling hair. As far I been hearing and reading, I haven’t seen actual pictures of him doing this to anyone. All these accusations have claimed tha the did this for about 10 years and no one bothered to report him. Regardless, Funimation and Rooster Teeth fired Vic and replaced his voice of his characters. Recently, Vic is suing Funimation and his coworkers for spreading lies and defamation on him and ruining his career.

Today, I found some interesting news that someone from their perspective has seen the shady stuff with Chris Sabat, Sean Schemmel, Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi. Supporting and standing up with Vic is voice actor Chuck Huber. Chuck Huber is a Funimation voice actor who recently voiced characters like Android 17 from Dragon Ball and Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho. Chuck Huber testified and gave an affidavit regarding to Funimation and how they treated him. I will leave a video of affidavit from Hero Hiei in which he covers all the information down below.

Here are some quick synopsis points he stated:

12. Chris Sabat disparage Vic’s Christian faith and even called him gay for the clothes he wore.

17. Chris Sabat, Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial expressed negative opinions towards Vic Migogna’s success.

22. Sean Schemmel tried to persuade Chuck to participate in a derogatory video in which they make fun of VIc Migogna by calling him a pedophile. Chuck refused because he’s best friends with Vic.

39. When Sony partnered with Funimation, they stated a “no hug” policy, but regardless, everyone ignored it.

41. It’s only a rumor, but during the casting of Dragon Ball Z Kai, some of the voice actress got recasted because they didn’t want any sexual advances with the Funimation employees.

65. Jamie Marchi. Chris Sabat and Monica Rial and even himself has hugged and kissed so many fans of all ages.

75. Chuck and his wife are concerned that by siding with Vic means they would be targeted as well. Chris Sabat would target them

Here is a tweet showing the affidavit:

Funimation in trouble?! Leak reveals Inappropriate recordings from English voice actors

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Back in the day, jokes were pretty chill when in comes to topics like homosexuality or sexual jokes. Now we are in 2019 and now any joke can be offensive. Funimation is in hot water or thin ice in this news going on Twitter. Trending today, a leak has appeared online in the anime community showing the English voice actors from Funimation recording inappropriate jokes and dialogue. These voice actors worked in the anime Dragon Ball Z and some actors such as Sean Schemmel, Chris Sabat and Sonny Strait and many more have recorded themselves voicing the characters and performing NSFW acts. These leaks appeared in last night’s livestream from Nick Rekieta of Nick Rekieta Livestream. Nick pointed out that Funimation has broken their own rules by doing these jokes within the workplace and violating guidelines. Some of the dialogue includes protagonist Goku calling his son Gohan a slur word for homosexuality and Gohan performing incest acts with his mother Chi-Chi.

So far, Funimation and Toei Animation hasn’t responded to this news. Fans are even calling out on Funimation especially since Funimation fired voice actor Vic Migogna for accusations on harassment such as hugging and kissing and fans are targetting Funi for letting these voice actors behave like this. In short, fans care calling Funimation hypcrites for allowing veteran voice actors to say inappropriate jokes to work but fire Vic for hugging or even eating a jellybean with a voice actress name.



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