My Dream Loot Crate – A Loot Crate Idea

Hello everyone, this is Matthew I hope everyone had a great Christmas vacation. In this post, this will be different. This is not a review or news of sort. Instead, I decided to write post about my ideal create for the pop culture subscription team Loot Crate. Loot Crate is a subscription service where people pay for a subscriptions for a themed crate filled with goodies based on themes. Subscribers could get a crate filled with specific anime merchandise (Loot Anime) or other stuff like for pet lovers (Loot Pets), video games (Loot Gaming) or just the usual standard version filled with random goods like comic book and gaming Loot Crate.

This post was inspired by TwoHappyCats and her post “My Dream Loot Crate“. In her post, she wrote about her idea create called “Home is here the anime is”. She explains that she named this theme because she will be moving town and state and she wants some anime goods for the new home. According to her blog, here is what Loot Crate says:

“Ever dream about designing your own monthly subscription crate? Well, your dream might could become a reality. Loot Crate, the pop culture subscription service for geeks, gamers, and fans alike, wants to know what people would do if they could put together their dream subscription crate.”

Also I heard from this tweet from Kauses of Otaku Gamer Zone’s Twitter this morning:

Anyway, enough jibber jabber, let’s start this dream crate!

I AM NOT SPONSORING FOR ANYTHING OR ANYONE! Just like TwoHappyCats, this is just a rough idea for my dream crate and this post is not intended to sponsor any company. This is just a Dream Loot Crate Post!!!

The Theme – Bloodthirsty


The theme for this dream crate is “Bloodthirsty” and it will contain anime and manga related-titles. At first I wanted to create a crate filled anime in regards to adventure or Shonen titles, but I though it would be interesting to have a crate filled with anime filled with titles known for blood, gore and eeriness. It would be like opening “Pandora’s Box”. I am not much of a violent guy but I think we all have moments where we just want to let loose and embrace our rage. They say, it starts with the quiet ones haha.

Tokyo Ghoul Mask


This was something I wanted for Christmas. I got a T-shirt instead but I am happy on what I got. For this crate, I think Ken Kaneki’s mask from Tokyo Ghoul should be included in this crate. I found this mask online from Hot Topic and I think this looks epic. I have seen the main character Kaneki used this mask only a little bit in Season 1 and I thought it made him look intimidating. If anyone is familiar with Tokyo Ghoul, you would know that this anime is violent and filled with hungry ghouls.

Akame ga Kill! Esdeath T-Shirt


This shirt image I saw interesting from the Sentai Filmworks site. I have a question, if Esdeath is known as the hottest character in the anime, would she be called hot or cold because of her ice powers? Either way, Esdeath is a very powerful antagonist in the violent anime Akame ga Kill! and she exceeds in both skills and looks. Like most of the crates, subscribers will be able to get free T-shirts. I think it would be cool to see this shirt added with my ideal crate. Esdeath proves that even the most beautiful woman can be also be the most feared, and scary human on earth.

Rosario Vampire keychain cross


Aside from the violent girls in Akame ga Kill!, some girls can be dangerous and cute. I am huge fan of Rosario Vampire and I think the Cross Necklace should be included in this Bloodthirsty Crate. I found this at the Rightstuf website. In Rosario Vampire, one of the girls named Moka Akashiya is a vampire and she is seen wearing this cross on her neck. This cross is a seal tto prevent her inner vampire from letting lose. However, when other monsters try to get her or her friends, these monsters end up getting their butts whooped by her dark side. This little lady needs blood.

Hellsing Ultimate Notebook


Ever want to keep track on how much you spent, or how many you killed, or just want to keep track on your ideas? If so, this is a need. From the OVA series Hellsing: Ultimate, this notebook will help anyone needing something to write and keep records. It can be used for school or just other activities like home or work. You help keep you motivated, this tough lady Integra will be observing you from this cover. This notebook is from Rightstuf.

Deadman Wonderland wallet


When in doubt, if you ever been accused for something you never did, make sure you have someone to bail you out. From the violent anime Deadman Wonderland, this wallet has the cover from the mysterious Red Man. The Red Man is a mysterious person is responsible for killing the protagonist Ganta’s homeclassroom. All of his friends were slaughtered and the survivor Ganta is accused for a murder he never did; his punishment is being sent to the “fun” slaughterhouse with other criminals called Deadman Wonderland. I am hoping no one goes to jail for doing something crazy. Still, how would you feel to pull money put from a wallet with a killer’s face on it? This wallet is from Rightstuf.


This completes my dream loot crate for my Bloodthirsty Crate. I hope you liked my idea and if you ever want to try out Loot Crate, follow the links above. Thanks for reading this post and I am happy to share my dream crate. See you next time!

Also, what would your crate be? How would you set it up and what will be the theme? Leave a link in the comments and share your ideas! I would love to see them. 🙂

Friday Funny 60: Happy Birthday Ezra!!

Happy Birthday!

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back everyone for another exciting episode of Friday Funny. In this episode, I decided to do a special blog post to my closest friend in California, Ezra Cabral! Today is his birthday and I decided to share this moment with everyone else here. To those who don’t know, I will tell you a quick story about how we met and about him:

I met my friend Ezra long time ago in grade school. We had the same class and teacher together but we never actually became best friends until the sixth grade. We remained close together in middle school and up to high school. However, after freshman year, I moved to a program in high school and he went to a different high school. He went to a church and high school and I went to a program where I took college and high school classes. We still talked to each other through calls and messaging. In the summer, we always hung out and each others homes and played video games. We played anime games like Naruto, One Piece and Bleach and Call of Duty. He got me and my brother into Call of Duty haha. We have been chatting and hanging all the way to even college. Now that we are both reaching the end of college, he is leaving the state to complete some summer courses and graduate faster. He will come back in July. Thank God, my summer will be boring without him XD.

Ezra Cabral is guy every person should have as a friend. He is cool (probably cooler than me) and he has great knowledge on history and World War history. If you ask him a question about World War II, he will answer it in a heartbeat. He is a great guy with some much compassion and love for others and he knows how to make people laugh when you are feeling down. If you like anime like Naruto, DragonBall Z or Sword Art Online, he can start conversation with you anytime. He also enjoys a good laugh of the TFS DragonBall Z  and Hellsing Ultimate abridged series (I introduced it to him).

Last but not least, he is also a writer. He wants to write stories and become an author. He told me about his works and they sound great. If you like fantasy stories, then this guy will write up a story that will catch your attention. One of these days, he will become a great novelist.

If you got to know Ezra in person, he is a friend that won’t let you down. To me, he is more than a friend, he is my brother!

Before I get sentimental, let’s begin the celebration! (Warning: this is a huge post!)

Since this Ezra’s birthday, here are some funny clips from TeamFourStar!

To end this post, here is some songs about friendship:

Well, I guess that’s all folks. Happy Birthday Ezra and I hope to see you soon my friend. I will pray for you and I hope the summer school will be easy for you. Once you return, let’s hang out and catch up with some stuff. Let’s play some Call of Duty.

Happy Birthday and Aloha Ezra 🙂 !