Hunter x Hunter anime joins Funimation for UK

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Great news for the people at the United Kingdom! Viz once again has teamed up with Funimation and brought another well-known Shonen Jump series to the streaming library. If Naruto Shippuden and Boruto is not enough for you to enjoy during quarantine, maybe Hunter x Hunter will make you stay home longer. It has been announced by Funimation that the 2011 anime Hunter x Hunter will be joining Funimation. On July 17th, fans from the UK and Ireland will be able to stream all 148 episodes in English dubbed and subbed.



Anime Movie News: Dragon Ball Super movie in IMAX and Hunter x Hunter in Jan 30th

January is going to be busy with two anime movies based on Shonen Jump titles.

The anticipated movie Dragon Ball Super will be premiering in January 16th and for the first time, you can watch this movie in IMAX theaters in the U.S. The movie was released in Japan in theaters at Jan 14th while U.S. fans was able to see it on Jan 13th at Hollywood. This Wednesday only, fans will be able to watch Dragon Ball Super: Broly in select theaters and will watch in IMAX screenings.


If you can’t watch the DBS movie, here’s another movie you can watch. Coming to theaters only at Jan 30th, the anime movie Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission will be premiering in theaters with English subbed and dubbed screenings. You can buy your tickets at the CineLife Entertainment website. Here is the synopsis for the movie according to Viz Media:

The Battle Olympia tournament at Heaven’s Arena is about to begin! Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio plan on watching the matches along with the other Hunters and VIPs in attendance. As they wait, a raid by The Shadow ends the festivities. Skilled fighters fall one by one to their terrifying ability called On, a dark power derived from malice. When their leader Jed captures Netero and declares death to all Hunters in the name of vengeance, Gon and Killua rush to defeat him – will they prevail?!

Jump Force news: More Yugi pics and HxH characters join the fray!

Hello anime fans! I bring you good news in the world of anime and video games! Remember the old news when I mention Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh! was going to be in the upcoming game Jump Force? I got an update revealing that Yugi will have the ability to summon his iconic monsters to assist him battle. Based on the pictures online, he will be using Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl and one of the Egyptian God Monsters Slifer the Sky Dragon. Bandai Namco hasn’t reveal any information on the gameplay, but I would use you could swap out monsters and each one has their own fight style and Slifer might be an ultimate attack.

Another important news is that we are getting more new characters in the game and they are from Hunter x Hunter. Revealed online, Gon’s friends Killua and Kurapika are joining the fight. Either you want to play as an assassin or a fighter seeking to avenge the Kurta Clan, these kids mean business.

Last but not least, it’s confirmed that Goku’s transformation SSGSS (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan) or Super Saiyan Blue will be used. If you think Super Saiyan isn’t enough, use this form. Super Saiyan Blue made it’s first appearance in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ and it made more appearances in the TV series Dragon Ball Super.

What do you think about the news?

Hunter X Hunter manga returns in September

Good morning fellow manga fans! I bring good news in regards to Hunter x Hunter. Originally announced in the 43rd issue of the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, Yoshihiro Togashi’s well-known manga series Hunter x Hunter is returning again. This manga was on hiatus for five months and the last issue it was on was in April. The manga will return on September 22. If you are a HxH fan and you read Weekly Shonen Jump, mark your calendars and get ready to read more hunter action!


Manga News: Hunter x Hunter returns in 2018

HxH fans can rejoice because the on and off series Hunter x Hunter manga is expected to come back on January 29th. The last time we saw the manga, it was on chapter 380 and it starred Kurapika in the Dark Continent arc. The recent chapter recently stopped in August 31st. Let’s hope this stays longer in the Shonen Jump magazine. Are you guys excited for the return?



Manga/Anime (Quick) news: Blue Exorcist! Bleach!! Hunter x Hunter!!!

Blue Exorcist

I am late to post this online but here it is:

Announced at the official website Blue Exorcist website, it has been confirmed that the series Blue Exorcist (author Kazue Kato) will return for a new series. The anime will return in 2017. The next part of the story will take place in the Kyoto Impure King Arc.


According to the 31st issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, Tite Kubo announced that the manga series Bleach will be near the end of the story. He also, purposely, teased on the chapter lengths.


Hunter x Hunter

Also announced in the 31st issue, Hunter x Hunter creator Yoshihiro Togashi announced for another indefinite hiatus. The manga will be back on unknown time.


Friday Funny Episode 52: Welcome to the Jungle, Hunter!

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday! Good Morning bloggers! Today is another exciting episode of TGIF: Friday Funny. This is episode is not about Guns N’ Roses’ Welcome to the Jungle; however, it does involve some adventure. Today is the movie release of the Disney live action movie The Jungle Book. For anime news, tomorrow is the series premeire of the English Dub anime Hunter x Hunter at Toonami. This is the second week of school and it starting to get busier than ever. I do take breaks once in a while to rest my mind. Lately, I have been busy in video games like Batman Arkham Knight and the app game Kingdom Hearts Unchained x [chi]. Work hard, play hard, but work hard I always say XD. Let’s begin this funny post!

Now that we reached the end, here are classic songs from the cartoon version of “The Jungle Book”.

Goodbye Man-cubs and Woman-cubs! 🙂

Toonami News: Hunter x Hunter premiere in Toonami

According to the Toonami Pre-flight website, the anime Hunter x Hunter (2011) will be premiering on Toonami Adult Swim at April 16. Here is the cast if anyone is curious:

  • Erica Mendez as Gon Freecss
  • Cristina Vee as Killua Zoldyck
  • Matthew Mercer as Leorio
  • Keith Silverstein as Hisoka
  • Erika Harlacher as Kurapika

Viz Media license the anime for DVD and Blu-Ray release. Bang Zoom! Entertainment is charge of producing the English Dub.

This anime will most likely replace the anime Parasyte.