Breaking News on Netflix: Daredevil series is canceled after season 3!

The hero defending Hell’s Kitchen is unfortunately retiring!

I found this piece of news on IGN stating after three seasons, the Netflix series on the Marvel hero Daredevil will no longer be making more episodes. Here is the official statement from Netflix:

Marvel’s Daredevil will not return for a fourth season on Netflix. We are tremendously proud of the show’s last and final season and although it’s painful for the fans, we feel it best to close this chapter on a high note. We’re thankful to showrunner Erik Oleson, the show’s writers, stellar crew and incredible cast including Charlie Cox as Daredevil himself, and we’re grateful to the fans who have supported the show over the years. While the series on Netflix has ended, the three existing seasons will remain on the service for years to come, while the Daredevil character will live on in future projects for Marvel.

This is not the only Marvel series that got canceled on Netflix. Netflix series Iron Fist and Luke Cage were both recently canceled after two seasons. The only remaining shows that is still in progress is Jessica Jones and the Punisher. The Punisher is going to have a second season in 2019 and Jessica Jones is in progress of another season. It’s unknown what’s going to happen with these three canceled heroes and we don’t know why the sudden cancellation.


Anime Netflix news: Classic Evangelion and Live-Action CowBoy Bebop joins Netflix!

Greetings anime folks! It is I Matthew and I bring you some exciting news for your viewing. If you have Netflix or planning to get it, you might want to add this on your watch list. It’s been announced this week that the classic anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion will be joining Netflix! The series was created and directed by Hideaki Anno and he also directed the rebuilt films. According to ANN, Netflix will be obtaining the anime series and even the movies as well; the movies are Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and Rebirth and Neon Genesis Evangelion: End of Evangelion. The anime and movies will be joining Netflix in spring of 2019. ANN added some notes that it’s unsure if the English Dub will be from ADV Films, the same company who once had the rights home release videos before shutting down in 2009.

Hold on there space cowboy, we’re not done yet! It’s also been announced that Netflix plans to do a live-action series on the well-known and popular series Cowboy Bebop. According to Variety, the live action series plans to do 10 episodes with the anime director Shinichiro Watanabe. It’s unknown what’s the release date for this series, but keep your eyes peeled for news and what to expect from this adaptation.

Netflix Iron Fist TV series ends on season 2

Marvel may be the biggest franchise in the media when in comes to movies, TV series and comic books, even the most powerful company has a weakness.

I found this news yesterday in a tweet from IGN stating that the Netflix exclusive Marvel series Iron Fist will be canceled.

According to the news, Netflix officially released the second season of Iron Fist and unfortunately, due to the ratings, Netflix will end the series. With this news however, they commented that the character Iron Fist could still be used in other Marvel Netflix series. However it is possible that Netflix could still use Iron Fist in potential team ups or series like Heroes for Hire where Iron Fist teams up with Power Man/Luke Cage or even Daughters of the Dragon with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing.

Did you like Iron Fist or disliked it? I haven’t seen this series yet, but I plan to watch it after I get done with season 1 of Daredevil.


Netflix news: Violet Evergarden special episode and Seven Deadly Sins season 2

Good news Netflix users, I got some good news for this upcoming fall season. If you are in the U.S., get ready to see the return of your favorite shows. Announced today, it has been confirmed that the anime Violet Evergarden will be having a special episode titled Violet Evergarden – Special: Extra Episode and it will premiere on October 4th, the same day as Japan’s release. Another Netflix anime is getting another same treatment but even better. The anime series Seven Deadly Sins will be receiving a second season and it’s called Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments. This new season will begin on October 15th. If you didn’t know as, October 26th will also be the release of the anime Castlevania season 2.


Death Note (Netflix 2017) live-action movie review *No Spoilers*


Light Turner finds a supernatural notebook and uses it to mete out death, attracting the attention of a detective, a demon and a girl in his class.


Willem Dafoe – Ryuk

Nat Wolff – Light Turner

Lakeith Stanfield – L

Margaret Qualley – Mia Sutton

Shea Whigham – James Turner

Paul Nakauchi – Watari

*This review will not have any spoilers.

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Disney streaming service name announced! Important news for Star Wars and Marvel fans!

Looks like DC Universe and other sites have met a new match in the business world of streaming. Announced yesterday, Disney has unveiled the new upcoming streaming subscription service. The streaming service will be called Disney Play according to what the news appears and the streaming service will begin on 2019. According to IGN, once the Marvel movie Captain Marvel is released in theaters, every Marvel film will be removed from Netflix will be on Disney Play. In regards to MCU movie on Netflix, the last MCU movie that will be on Netflix will be Ant-Man and the Wasp. Disney and Marvel agreed that Netflix exclusives shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones will remain on Netflix and will not be on Disney Play. However, It’s also reported that Star Wars movies and shows that debuts in 2019 and beyond will appear on the service and the movies like The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi will not be on it due to Star Wars belonging to At&T Turner Broadcasting and giving them the rights to broadcast the films. Disney Play will be premiering instead the upcoming Star Wars Clone Wars season 7. It’s unknown what will be the price for the subscription, but if every Disney licensed title and franchise are being removed from Netflix, then that means they will be losing an estimated $300 million in annual revenue.

What’s your opinion to this news?


Full details on what is going to be on Disney Play:

Netflix Death Note sequel?!

Live action adaptation of anime/manga or video games can leave a bitter taste to certain fans. Released in 2017, Netflix users and fans was able to see the “American” live action movie of Death Note. The movie was heavily criticized for major and obvious changes on the characters and their personalities. The movie got so much hate that the director of the movie deleted his Twitter account because he got death threats!

However, it looks like this movie is coming back with a sequel. Revealed at THR (The Hollywood Report), the Netflix Death Note movie will be getting a sequel. As far as we know, it’s unknown if the director Adam Wingard will return. The writer of the movie will be Greg Russo who will also be writing the story for the upcoming reboot film Mortal Kombat.

What do you think about this news?


Death Note Netflix cast and date and spotting!

After reading Anime Reviewer Girls’ post about the “American version” of Death Note, I decided to research the cast and when will the show will be premiered. After reading this news, I found the cast for who will play as the characters from the show. Here are the actors and their roles in this new Death Note movie:


  • Nat Wolff as Light Turner
  • Keith Stanfield as L
  • Margaret Qualley as Mia Sutton
  • Paul Nakauchi as Watari
  • Shea Whigham as James Turner

These are the actors who will play as the original characters from the show. The director of the movie is Adam Wingard who worked on films like The Guest and You’re Next. Jeremy Slator wrote the draft for the script; he worked on the Fantastic Four. The film will stream in 2017.

Also reported, YVRShoots (a website tracking movie and TV in British Colombia) spotted the filming of the movie Death Note with the actor of L and James present. The pictures were spotted at Vancouver, British Columbia.