Friday Funny 9: Finals are over, but vacation has begun

Well my finals are done and I am ready for this summer vacation. It has been a busy week for me, but I conquered them. I want to say thank you to those who cheered me on, your words encouraged me and reminded me that no matter what happens, I gave it my all and I didn’t give up.

During those days where I didn’t have a final test, I did check out the new games from E3. So far the ones that stood out the most to me was Kingdom Hearts 3, the Final Fantasy VII HD remake game, Uncharted 4, Fallout 4, and others. I watched the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer at least 3 times XD

It is time to say bye to my fellow students and professors and I thank them for the help and teachings. I hope to see everyone again this fall. Also if you don’t have plans, the Disney and Pixar movie Inside Out will be released in theaters tonight, the people who worked on Up also did this movie.

Here is your dose of  laffs:

Inside Out Trailer

Extra Credit!!!

That’s all for now! More will come on Friday.