Friday Funny 8: Dinosaur Edition…Clever Girl

With Friday here and the weekends are right around the corner. Today is the release of the new Jurassic Park movie Jurassic World. I won’t be able to watch because I will be going to the beach with my family. After this weekend will be the beginning of my finals as well. I can’t wait until it is done and over with.  I am looking forward for E3 on June 16. Here is your daily dose of laffs:

More after this trailer

That’s all folks!

Friday Funny 7: Effective Power! *reset*

Hello everyone, happy Friday! I hope most of you was not attacked by the infamous glitch that is going around in apple devices. Effective Power is a recent glitch that causes iPhone, or iPod user’s devices to crash unexpected. I can rest assure that this post will not crash the systems. Here is laughs for today and have a great weekend!

That’s a wrap 😉