Movie News: James Gunn joins Warner Bros and help write Suicide Squad 2 movie

Remember DC’s movie Suicide Squad that premiered in 2016? I got some interesting news to share in regards to this movie. It has been announced yesterday that filmmaker James Gunn has joined with Warner Bros and DC comics and will be involved with the upcoming, planned movie Suicide Squad 2. This turn of events also persuaded actor Dave Bautista to wanting to join the movie and wants to work with James Gunn.

If you don’t why this is a big deal, I will tell you real brief about James Gunn and Disney. James Gunn was in charge and help create the iconic Marvel Cinematic Films Guardians of the Galaxy and the sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The plans for a third movie is currently on hold since Disney fired and dismissed James Gunn for making controversial jokes in his Twitter about rape and pedophilia. With this dilemma, the third movie is on break and Disney is trying to decide to either go with the script James Gunn made, find a new director and rewrite the story or scrap it. This startling news has even led Drax actor Dave Bautista to stand up against Disney and is willing to leave the team.



Friday Funny Episode 68: We’re all Mad!

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday!

Hello my crazy friends and welcome to the madhouse! Today’s post will be about DC’s second film of 2016 “Suicide Squad.” In this movie, watch as Amanda Waller (played by Violet Davis) recruits a secret team of dangerous criminals in order to do dangerous missions. Margot Robbie will play as Harley Quinn, Will Smith as Deadshot and Jared Leto will be the new Joker. There is also word that Batman will also appear in this movie but as a cameo. Sorry Bats. If you plan to watch it or you already seen it, tell me how it is. Is it good or a let down? Don’t spoil the movie for us.

In other news, New York states that Pokemon Go is prohibited to registered sex offenders; it would be violation on parole and they have requested special permission from the app developers for hope they prevent more crimes. Also like the upcoming American TV show of Death Note, it’s been announced that Sword Art Online will also get a live adaptation and it will be done from an American company.

If everything goes well with my aniblogging friend and Captain of NinjaPirateers Arria of Fujinsei, Monday is the return of the blog carnival. Be sure to post and share at this carnival and meet other bloggers. I will be posting a special post to share with others for the carnival. Keep us in prayers.

I forgot to mention last week but one of my blogging friends Shay from Anime Reviewer Girl, 2 weeks ago, was guest star on a podcast called Anime Podcast of Some Sorts. In this podcast, she discussed about upcoming anime and gaming news of Sonic the Hedgehog with the crew. The podcast is here and you can explore around the team’s website here. Also, Anime Reviwer Girl (Shay) and LitaKino of LitaKino Anime Corner have come together to do a Podcast in Youtube on Saturdays. Listen as these two Sailor Moon fans discuss about anime and their interest. The Podcast is called Senshi Ani Girls and it will be on Saturdays at 7Pm PST or 9PM EDT. Please be sure to support and give them a like and subscribe. Let them know I sent you there. 😉

With that said, time to be insane!

Here is some fun videos for all of you!

Thanks to my college friend ToniAnne Erickson, I found this song. Thanks ToniAnne for being my first awesome friend when I started college. This is her favorite band. 😉

Here is to end this post, here is some ending songs from Bleach and Nisekoi. It’s time to say goodbye to two manga series. Thanks for the fun we had. Thank you Tite Kubo and Naoshi Komi.

Sayonara 🙂