Top 5 anime look-a-likes!

As an anime fan, you meet a variety of unique and different characters. However, have you seen a character that seemed too similar to another character? I am saying, have you seen a character that looked almost similar in appearance? Sometimes, a mangaka artist or author may create their characters by coincidence or they base it off from someone’s work. If it’s based on works, they either (a) really respect the original artist and wanted to do their own creation or (b) steal the idea and claim it as their own. In this top post 5 posts, I will be showing some anime characters that look strikingly similar to other characters in different works. This will be focused on different works and not on the same genre (in short, this may not be limited to only anime. Also this is not in order. Just things that popped in my head).

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My Dream Loot Crate – A Loot Crate Idea

Hello everyone, this is Matthew I hope everyone had a great Christmas vacation. In this post, this will be different. This is not a review or news of sort. Instead, I decided to write post about my ideal create for the pop culture subscription team Loot Crate. Loot Crate is a subscription service where people pay for a subscriptions for a themed crate filled with goodies based on themes. Subscribers could get a crate filled with specific anime merchandise (Loot Anime) or other stuff like for pet lovers (Loot Pets), video games (Loot Gaming) or just the usual standard version filled with random goods like comic book and gaming Loot Crate.

This post was inspired by TwoHappyCats and her post “My Dream Loot Crate“. In her post, she wrote about her idea create called “Home is here the anime is”. She explains that she named this theme because she will be moving town and state and she wants some anime goods for the new home. According to her blog, here is what Loot Crate says:

“Ever dream about designing your own monthly subscription crate? Well, your dream might could become a reality. Loot Crate, the pop culture subscription service for geeks, gamers, and fans alike, wants to know what people would do if they could put together their dream subscription crate.”

Also I heard from this tweet from Kauses of Otaku Gamer Zone’s Twitter this morning:

Anyway, enough jibber jabber, let’s start this dream crate!

I AM NOT SPONSORING FOR ANYTHING OR ANYONE! Just like TwoHappyCats, this is just a rough idea for my dream crate and this post is not intended to sponsor any company. This is just a Dream Loot Crate Post!!!

The Theme – Bloodthirsty


The theme for this dream crate is “Bloodthirsty” and it will contain anime and manga related-titles. At first I wanted to create a crate filled anime in regards to adventure or Shonen titles, but I though it would be interesting to have a crate filled with anime filled with titles known for blood, gore and eeriness. It would be like opening “Pandora’s Box”. I am not much of a violent guy but I think we all have moments where we just want to let loose and embrace our rage. They say, it starts with the quiet ones haha.

Tokyo Ghoul Mask


This was something I wanted for Christmas. I got a T-shirt instead but I am happy on what I got. For this crate, I think Ken Kaneki’s mask from Tokyo Ghoul should be included in this crate. I found this mask online from Hot Topic and I think this looks epic. I have seen the main character Kaneki used this mask only a little bit in Season 1 and I thought it made him look intimidating. If anyone is familiar with Tokyo Ghoul, you would know that this anime is violent and filled with hungry ghouls.

Akame ga Kill! Esdeath T-Shirt


This shirt image I saw interesting from the Sentai Filmworks site. I have a question, if Esdeath is known as the hottest character in the anime, would she be called hot or cold because of her ice powers? Either way, Esdeath is a very powerful antagonist in the violent anime Akame ga Kill! and she exceeds in both skills and looks. Like most of the crates, subscribers will be able to get free T-shirts. I think it would be cool to see this shirt added with my ideal crate. Esdeath proves that even the most beautiful woman can be also be the most feared, and scary human on earth.

Rosario Vampire keychain cross


Aside from the violent girls in Akame ga Kill!, some girls can be dangerous and cute. I am huge fan of Rosario Vampire and I think the Cross Necklace should be included in this Bloodthirsty Crate. I found this at the Rightstuf website. In Rosario Vampire, one of the girls named Moka Akashiya is a vampire and she is seen wearing this cross on her neck. This cross is a seal tto prevent her inner vampire from letting lose. However, when other monsters try to get her or her friends, these monsters end up getting their butts whooped by her dark side. This little lady needs blood.

Hellsing Ultimate Notebook


Ever want to keep track on how much you spent, or how many you killed, or just want to keep track on your ideas? If so, this is a need. From the OVA series Hellsing: Ultimate, this notebook will help anyone needing something to write and keep records. It can be used for school or just other activities like home or work. You help keep you motivated, this tough lady Integra will be observing you from this cover. This notebook is from Rightstuf.

Deadman Wonderland wallet


When in doubt, if you ever been accused for something you never did, make sure you have someone to bail you out. From the violent anime Deadman Wonderland, this wallet has the cover from the mysterious Red Man. The Red Man is a mysterious person is responsible for killing the protagonist Ganta’s homeclassroom. All of his friends were slaughtered and the survivor Ganta is accused for a murder he never did; his punishment is being sent to the “fun” slaughterhouse with other criminals called Deadman Wonderland. I am hoping no one goes to jail for doing something crazy. Still, how would you feel to pull money put from a wallet with a killer’s face on it? This wallet is from Rightstuf.


This completes my dream loot crate for my Bloodthirsty Crate. I hope you liked my idea and if you ever want to try out Loot Crate, follow the links above. Thanks for reading this post and I am happy to share my dream crate. See you next time!

Also, what would your crate be? How would you set it up and what will be the theme? Leave a link in the comments and share your ideas! I would love to see them. 🙂

Response: Top 5 Positive Influences in Anime

This is a response and answers post to Anime Reviewer Girl’s post to “5 Positive Influences Of Anime!!!“.  Shay did a top 5 list on how watching or liking anime can be a positive impact in our lives. In my list, I will list how anime can be a positive in my daily life and how does it affect me. My top 5 will include some points in which also agrees with her. So yes, this post was influence by hers and I decided to do my own response.

In  this list, I will be talking about watching anime can sometimes be a positive factor in life and how well it does it affect me. Everyone’s reaction is different and it’s up to you to know how does anime can be a good thing in your life. Everyone has a different answer on anime made a positive impact on their lives. Mine, here, will cover 5 things that made my life better with anime. Anyway, here is my top 5 points and their positive effects. 🙂

5. Peace in solitude

Just like what Shay said in her list, anime helps me get away from the “noise” of the world. There are some days, I just want to get away from stress like work and enjoy some alone time with anime. Sometimes, even thought I love my friends and family, I just want some solitude for myself. Anime helps me unwind from everything and reminds how silence can be a bliss. Some people need a coffee break, I need an anime break. A series about interesting characters, fantastic art and music helps me block the outside world.

4. It’s my identity

Anime deines who I am as a person. There are people out there who is known for liking activities/hobbies like sports, art or gaming. Besides video games, anime help let’s people know that I am a guy who enjoy a genre outside the United States and appreciate a story. I may not be the guy you see in a convention that has a shirt that says “I love anime” or “It’s Over 9,000” with a body pillow of my waifu. I could be just an average guy who wears a casual shirt and jeans but with a vast knowledge in anime and manga. My passion of anime is what makes me different than people.

3. It’s the source to my pride and confidence

Even though anime is just a genre or animation with fictional characters and exaggerated story situations, some anime with interested characters help me stand up for myself. If you knew me as a in real life, I am very shy and timid person. I tend to just hide and get the urge to run away from my problems. When I see one of my favorite characters acting tough and showing no fear, it reminds me that running away and hiding doesn’t solve anything. It’s an act of cowardice and nothing can come from it. When I see a character face off against something impossible, I sometimes imagine myself in a battle and the only way out of it is to stay strong.

2. Meet new people

Even before anime, I had some friends in real life. Some liked anime but only a few. When I first came to the blogging world, I didn’t even know to begin and who to talk to. There was no place for me to chat about anime and what to talk about. The first person I met was Arria from Fujinsei and I came to her site when she mentioned something about One Piece. As a One Piece fan, I paid a visit and left a few comments at her site. After a while, I later became her friend in the WP community. Along the way, I met some amazing anibloggers. If it wasn’t for anime, I would never be here this far.

1. Understanding the World

Even thought you don’t see giant robots in the military or actual ninjas that can run water or pink haired girls in the real world, anime helped me understand real life situations and people. Slice of Life anime like Clannad helped me see how life can be hard and it can be difficult to find any happiness in the world. However, Clannad also showed me sometimes the slightest “light” of the world can a make huge difference in the dark times of life. Another anime I want to mention is Naruto. Besides the story focusing on a child reaching for a dream, the anime helps us see how violence of war can be devastating on both sides of the battle. The anime also shows that following your dreams will be a difficult challenge but once you reach that dream, everything you worked hard for will be worth it. Anime can be more real when approached in a different angle.

That’s my top 5 Positive Influences from Anime. I hope you enjoyed reading them. If you like them, don’t forget to check Shay’s post and video in the above link of this post. 🙂

2016: Top 5 Favorite Female Anime Characters

Hello everyone! This is Matthew and in this post, I will share with you my top 5 favorite female anime characters. If you’re wondering why I used this image of Akame for my thumbnail, it’s because I chose her for my 30 Day anime challenge day 4. Back then, I only chose one in the top of my head and this time, I want to expand more on who’s my favorite. I originally was planning to titled this post, “Top 5 Favorite Female Anime Characters Expansion Pack or +.” I also added 2016 in my title because this list may change in the future, so this is not permanent.  This list will not include anime characters I have a crush on; there will be a list for that in the future. Anyway, let’s start this list:

5. Kagome Higurashi (Inuyasha)

I pick Kagome from the anime Inuyasha. You would think a teenager like Kagome would only have to deal with homework, tests and boys; however, this is not the case for this teenage girl. After being dragged into the Bone-Eater’s Well, Kagome’s life changes when she meets the half-demon Inuyasha and must work together to collect the Shikon Jewel Shards and fight off against bloodthirsty that want them for power. What makes Kagome one of my favorite is because she is a tough and brave girl that goes through trials to save her friends. Any average human would probably run away from danger or die, but Kagome is willing to put her life on the line. Kagome is one tough school girl.

4. Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)


My next choice is Rukia from Bleach. Rukia is one of the first Soul Reapers Ichigo meets in the start of Bleach. After lending Ichigo her powers in order to save his family, Rukia becomes trapped in the human world and relies on Ichigo to do her duty as a Soul Reaper. Later on the series, Ichigo tackles more than slaying hollows. He goes through saving his friends, fighting in a war or even getting stronger in near-death situations.

Out of the girls in Bleach, I think Rukia is one of the coolest girls. Unlike most girls in some anime, she is prepared to fight. Thanks to her being raised by Kuchiki family, Rukia is disciplined in fighting and knows the risks for helping Ichigo’s battles. Also, she also knows how to slap Ichigo into sense whenever he gets discouraged especially after his first encounters with the Arrancars, Yammy and Ulquiorra.

3. Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)

Just like Rukia, Asuna is another character I like. When we first meet Asuna in the anime, we find out she is beginner gamer and she gets trapped in Sword Art Online along with Kirito. Later as the anime progresses, Asuna joins the Knights of the Blood and gets the highest ranking. With her cooking skills and keen techniques of her rapier, Asuna is a special girl that cook up a tasty stew and even tackle the toughest enemies in video games. Besides losing everything in the Fairy Dance arc, Asuna is still the toughest gamer along Kirito in A LFeim Online; she also becomes the teams healer! In the Mother Rosario Arc, Asuna also comes close to defeating the unstoppable gamer Zekken!

A girl that likes gaming is great in my book!

2. Celty Sturluson (Durarara!!)

Coming in second place is Celty from the Durarara!! series. Celty is a Dullahan (a headless fairy in Scotland culture) that lives with the underground doctor Shinra Kishitani in Ikebukuro and tackles odd jobs. In a city that is filled with bizarre characters, Celty is one of the characters and she is no stranger to her friends. Without her head, no one can understand what she is saying unless she uses her cellphone and anyone that can understand her body language. Besides that, she is also very dangerous. Her headless horse can shape shift into a motorcycle, a carriage and even a bike. She also controls shadow tendrils that can emit from her body, almost like extra limbs. In this anime, Celty is one of my favorite characters in the anime. She is caring to her friends such as Shizuo and Anri and she can also be cute when she is with Shinra.

1. Nagisa Furukawa (Clannad)

Last but not least, we have Nagisa from the Clannad series. Born with a weak constitution, Nagisa is prone to be easily ill and go through critical situations that can lead her to repeating high school. Her life changes when a delinquent senior boy named Tomoya Okazaki meets her and agrees to help her bring back the theatrical drama club, her faith in her goal is restored and she meets new friends that will be part of her life. She also changes Tomoya’s life for the better after she learns about his troubled life.

Personally, Nagisa is one of the best girls in the anime. Nagisa is a cute girl with a gentle smile and good conscience. She is a girl who is willing to help others and put aside her own goals. She’s not a fighter like Tomoyo, or tough like Kyou or even super shy like Kotomi, she’s just a girl who is moderate. She can be shy but with Tomoya’s help, she can be brave and even go through life without troubles. Whenever she smiles, she can make anything go from bad to good. If she’s sad, she can make anyone feel for her. She is the number one in this list.

These are all the characters I have for this top 5. What are your top 5 girls? Comment below.

Top 5 Anime Dads: A Special Father’s Day Post

Happy Father’s Day everyone!

On this special day, we reflect and thank our father’s for the many things  they done for us. Just like Mother’s Day, today is the day we celebrate the importance of having a father in our lives and how much they made an impact to our lives. Just like mother’s out there, fathers have taught us on how to love and how stay strong no matter what. For us guys here, fathers have taught us to stand up for ourselves and they serve as a role model to us. A man must be caring to others and never give up. A real man is never afraid to love and he will always protect what he cares about, which is his family. In this post, I decided to create a post of the top 5 anime dads just the previous mother’s day post. Like before, there is no order or rank. These are just the five that came to my head:

(There might be spoilers)

5. Isshin Kurosaki (formerly Isshin Shiba) (Bleach)


Like most dads out there, especially mine, there is always the funny fathers out there. If you are one of those kids that comes home late, your dads may lecture to death but if he is like Isshin, he will punch or kick you. Isshin is the father the main character Ichigo Kurosaki and the daughters Karin and Yuzu. In the anime, Isshin is a funny dad who tries to surprise Ichigo but attacking him unexpectedly, whether it is coming home or waking up in the morning. Besides, being funny he is also a cool dad. We later find out he was a former Soul Reaper Captain and he was quite tough. He also helped Ichigo train and learn the Final Getsuga Tenshou when they fighting against Sosuke Aizen. This is a dad you would want to have to back you up.

4. Maes Hugh (Fullmetal Alchemist)

maes hugh

Almost like Isshin, Maes is another funny father in anime. The military officer is good friends with Roy Mustang and the main characters the Elric Brothers. He is mostly seen bragging about his daughter with pictures and her cuteness. He is devoted to his daughter, he always tries to make it important to mention her every time. Besides loving his daughter and wife, Maes is hard worker in his job and he can actually look pretty cool when he is serious. He takes his job seriously and when he does, you don’t want to see his bad side. I won’t go into details that much in series but he impacted me and later in the anime.

3. Soichiro Yagamai (Death Note)


I expect dad’s job is never easy but if your dad is the head police, then you have to deal with stress every day. Soichiro is the father of the protagonist character Light Yagami. Unaware of his son’s actions, he doesn’t realize that his son is actually Kira, the one that is killing criminals with the Death Note. Unable to fight Kira, Soichiro calls L, the great detective, to capture Kira. As the story progresses, L suspects that Soichiro’s son is actually Kira. Unable to accept it, Soichiro rejects the idea and tries to protect his son.

Without giving away too much of the story, Soichiro is a dad that is willing to go through extreme lengths to protect his family. Whether it is having the choice to kill Light and himself or even giving up the Death Note to save his daughter from a gang, Soichiro puts family first before duty.

2. Akio Furukawa (Clannad)


Akio may seem like tough guy to talk to, but he is actually a sensitive guy. Akio is the father main girl in Clannad, Nagisa Furukawa. He and his family owns a family business of making and selling bread (he has to do all the work since his wife makes bad bread). When he is not making bread, he is playing baseball with the kids in the neighborhood and teases the male protagonist Tomoya Okazaki.

Akio is another great father anime because of the sacrifices he goes through. THE FOLLOWING IS A SPOILER!!!

Since Nagisa was born with a weak immune system, Akio and Sanae had to give up their career just to be with Nagisa and keep safe. Before going to the bread business, Akio wanted to be an actor in plays but he gave that up to protect Nagisa. Later in the anime, in After Story, while Tomoya stuck in depression, he couldn’t raise his daughter Ushio by himself and he had Akio to do parenting; he agreed to do it.

Akio is the kind of father to give up their time to help someone they care about.

1. Whitebeard/Edward Newgate (One Piece)


Just like One Piece characters, sometimes your parents doesn’t have to be blood-related, anyone can be parent if they have heart to do it.

Before becoming one of the Four Emperors, Whitebeard wanted to have family instead of all the treasure in the world. While becoming the powerful pirate, Whitebeard recruited many different pirates and instead of calling them minions or crewmembers, he called them children. He treated his crew like a family. One of the memorable moments in the series is when he meets the flame pirate Portgas D. Ace and his crew. After defeating Ace, he recruits Ace and offers him to be his son. Later on the series, Whitebeard shows his love to his family and warned anyone that threatens his members would feel the wrath of him. Even when his children gets tricked into hurting him, Whitebeard doesn’t even hurt them but instead hugs them. He even goes as far to say, “I Love You”.


The reason why I pick Whitebeard as a great father is because of his tremendous love. He treats crew as a big family and anytime so one makes a mistake, he doesn’t hesitate to show love. Just because he has love, doesn’t mean he is weak. When someone kills his crew members, Whitebeard is ready to kill the murderer. Whitebeard is a dad who is quick to love and slow to anger for his children.

That’s all folks, I hope you enjoyed my top 5 post. What is favorite anime dad? Comment below on your choice. Happy Father’s Day!

I will close with this song from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and ft. Ed Sheeran – Growing Up (Sloane’s Song)

Top 5: Anime/Manga Antagonist gods

In most series, whether it is a video game or anime/manga, whenever the hero faces the final enemy of the story, the bad guy is strong, even if they are barely putting effort. What’s worse than fighting a strong enemy? How about fighting an enemy as strong as god. Imagine having the raw power and using it for evil. For any person, it can be really scary and the only options you can do is either submit to the evil overlord or die. The hero and his friends, however, will fight this evil, godly foe and end their reign with some kind of weakness or trump card.

In the Marvel film, X-Men: Apocalypse, the villain named Apocalypse decides to use his mutant powers to wipe out humanity and let only the strongest mutants live. In movie trailers, he is known as a god in Egypt. I still haven’t seen the movie but people said that this movie was good while others say bad.

In this top 5, I will be looking at the strongest “god-like” villains in anime and manga. These characters are something that popped in my head, they are NOT ranked by lowest to greatest.

Warning: There might be spoilers! This list has Sword Art Online, Bleach, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist and DragonBall Z

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Top 5 Anime Moms: A Special Mother’s Day Post

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Today is the day we celebrate one of the best people that came our lives: our mothers. Moms are the best kind of people because they gave us love and comfort. For us guys here and just like the song above, they were the first girl that ever cared about us. I just to say that I am grateful for my mom and I blessed to have her in my life. If it wasn’t her love, kindness, and patience, I would never be the way I am right now. I wouldn’t probably even understand what love is without her. As a way to celebrate this day, I decided to post a special top 5 post of anime moms. They is no order in this list but they are the ones that stood out the most. Let’s begin!


5. Asuna (Sword Art Online)

asuna and yui

Even though she is a teenager, she also enjoys being a mom in the virtual world. During their honeymoon trip, Kirito and Asuna encounter Yui and they take care of her as if they are their daughter. The reason why I chose her for five is because Asuna’ strong motherly love for Yui. Even though they unexpectedly met Yui and later finding out that she is an AI, Asuna ignores all that and believes that she is her daughter. As a teenager in the virtual world, she happily accepts the responsiblity of a mother. Make your move MTV Teen Mom!

4. Chi-Chi (Dragonball series)


I know what you are think: “Matt, why did you chose Chi-Chi? Nobody likes her! You are better off choosing Bulma!” I could have said Bulma but I think Chi-Chi fits in this list. Besides her constant nagging to Goku and being an overprotective mother, she is just a concerned mother. She is a mother that cares about their child and worries about their future. She goes through all this to help Gohan get an education and the thought of losing a child is painful. If we had moms like Chi-Chi in the real world, they will be concerned about our future and remind us that school comes first. We need a mom that care about education.

3. Sanae Furukawa (Clannad)

clannad sanae

Never a mom like Sanae can look young and cute for her age, too bad she makes the worse bread. Sanae is another great mom I wanted to mention for this list. In the series, Sanae wanted to continue to teach for children but after finding out about Nagisa, her and Akio’s daughter, critical sick conditions, she gives up teaching and works at in a family business to stay together to protect Nagisa. Even thought she makes bad bread, Sanea has a very sweet personality. She has a face of an angel and she does so much for Nagisa and Tomoya.

2. Kushina Uzumaki (Naruto)

kushina naruto

We should always be thankful for having a mom in our life, but too bad Naruto never knew his mother until later in the series. Kushina is powerful ninja that was once the previous Nine-Tails Jinchuriki; however, she had an untimely death as she lost her life with her husband Minato, Fourth Hokage, while sealing the Nine-Tails. What makes Kushina a great mom because she goes and sacrifices her life for a child Naruto. Even in her last breathe of life, she does her best bestow some advice for the baby Naruto for final words. A mom will sacrifice anything for their child.


1. Belle-mere (One Piece)

belle-mere one piece

Just like Kushina, Belle-mere is a strong woman that does so much for children. Belle-mere was a former Marine soldier and while fighting, she almost accepted death until she heard a baby cry. She meets a little girl named Nojiko and she was holding an unnamed baby girl which later becomes Nami, one of the Straw Hat Crew. Nojiko gives up being a Marine soldier and decides to adopts the girls. What makes Belle-mere an admirable mother is that not she gives up title and her food for her children, but also her life. Belle-mere gets killed for protecting Nami and Nojiko from the notorious Fish-Man Pirate Arlong. Even when she accepts death, she never got scared and even says “I Love you”. This is why I think she is number one in this list.

Welp, that is all folks. I hope you enjoyed this Top 5 list. What do you think is the best anime mom? Comment below for your thoughts. Happy Mother’s Day!

Anime Top 5: Top 5 anime for Team Captain America vs Team Iron Man

Art done by Hiro Mashima

Hello everyone! Today for this post will be a special top 10 anime. This top 10 post will focus on the upcoming Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War. Online, there have been people picking sides on either Captain America and Iron Man. I, for one, chooses Captain America and his team even though it means I have to go against my favorite hero Spider-Man. To those who read the comic books may know what is going to happen but I bet the movie will be different. Who will win this war?

Before I get distracted, I want to share my top 5 anime for both teams on which I think they belong to if they were given the choice to participate in the war. Imagine, Captain America asking for help from the anime world or Iron Man choosing his teams to stop Captain and help cooperate with the government. This list will have the same anime but it will have different people (For example: Goku and his family is on Team Captain and Vegeta and his family is on team Iron Man). Also, there is no particular order. They all just appeared to my head.

5. Naruto – Sasuke (Team Captain America) vs Naruto (Team Iron Man)


I believe Sasuke will pick Captain’s side and Naruto would pick Iron Man. I think Sasuke would mostly be suitable for Captain’s side is that both don’t agree with the high officials. In Civil War, Captain America refuses to cooperate with the government and sign the Superhero Registration Act (a document from federal law that limits a superhero’s powers and ability and have them controlled by the government). Not to mention in the movie, Captain goes out of his way to save his friend Bucky from Iron Man. He is willing to betray his friends for one. Sasuke, however will be willing to leave everything for his goals. Going back to back to his past actions, he left his village for power to kill Itachi and later he wanted to destroy the Five Kages.

Naruto will be on the other side. Naruto, in the manga, teamed with all the shinobi from the nations in the war to save the war from Madara. I can see Naruto teaming up with the government and trying to bring peace on both sides.

4. Bleach – Ichigo (Team Captain America) vs Soul Society (Team Iron Man)

ichigo movie 3soul_society_by_kaledex

I am not sure if Ichigo would do this alone or with friends, but I think he would fit in with Captain’s team. If he had friends, it would mostly be Orihime, Chad, Uryu, Yoruichi, Kisuke, and Ganju. Both Steve and Ichigo have something in common: they both a goal to protect a friend and the only people stopping them are the ones that powerful and they are all follow the laws. Ichigo and his friends were willing to fight to save Rukia from the Soul Society and Steve is willing to do the same, even if it means fighting Tony and the government. Likewise the government, the Soul Society would fit in with Iron Man since they do follow the rules to preserve peace.

3. One Piece – Straw Hat Crew (Team Captain America) vs World Government (Team Iron Man)


The Worlf Government from One Piece will definitely side Iron Man especially if Akainu is now the fleetway admiral. If you thought paying taxes was scary, the World Government will make shake. Already having an army and having devil fruit users, they could try to even capture all the heroes. Opposing them would be the Straw Hat Crew. They are wild bunch and they would not agree to side with the government. Luffy and his friends even fought CP9 to save Robin. If Luffy and his team needs help the got Captain’s side and the alliance from their series.

2. Akame ga kill! – Night Raid (Team Captain America) vs The Jaegers (Iron Man)

akame ga kill teams

Even though they are not considered good guys, Night Raid will however fight corruption. Night Raid may be killers but they won’t hesitate to save friend. Especially when they fought to save Tatsumi from the Capital and Exdeath. The Jaegers, however, are not friendly with those who oppose. The Jaegars are not only powerful with their Imperial Arms but they have the Capital supporting them. Imagine if them teamed up with the Iron Man and the government. This could be a bloody Civil War.

1. Seraph of the End – Yuichiro and his friends (Team Captain) vs the Japanese Imperial Demon Army (Team Iron Man)

seraph of the end 20150929_041204_thumb

Any Seraph of the End fans will know is that Yu, without a doubt, will risk his own life for another friend. Yu in the anime goes through extreme measures to protect his friends in the army and tries to save his vampiric friend (also part of his family) Mika. Along with the friends he made, Yu would pick Captain because they both fight to save a friend. Personally, I feel that the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, would fit in with Iron Man. They seem like the kind of people that would follow the guidelines and will even fight their comrades with brute force. They also try to get in Yu’s way when he is trying to save Mika from vampires without killing him. If you have been reading or watching the anime, they are very strict group with high standards. You wouldn’t to pick a fight against an army.

Well, that is all folks! These are the top 5 anime that popped in my head that I think they would fight in the Marvel’s Civil War. What kind of anime would join the war and which side do you think they would choose? Comment below and thank you for reading.

Captain America: Civil War begins at May 6th, Friday.

top 5 awesome character’s death

Ever seen an anime where the character you liked is tragically dead and leaves a hole in your heart? This can make fans angry when a cool character is gone but sometimes it can be a positive for the protagonist. it gives them extra push and helps them reach for the goal. Here are my top 5 (it will have spoilers):

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